Posterous Joins the Flock at Twitter

The acquisition brings Posterous’ engineers, product managers and other employees into the flock with plans for them to work “on several key initiatives that will make Twitter even better.”

Posterous Spaces will remain up and running without disruption, and the company promises to “give users ample notice” if any changes are on the horizon.

BIG DEAL! “Do you think this will be twitter’s answer to longer tweets?” (like tumblr does) a commenter of the article asks, so do am I. Will there gonna be any big changes? Will they gonna be good for their users?? We’ll have to wait and see and I, myself, am quite eager to learn more about this acquisition because this site you are reading is a Posterous site… 😀

Slide to unlock: how Apple’s patents are changing Android | The Verge

it’s changing how Android actually looks and feels for the end user. In the end, the question for Android smartphone manufacturers is whether that’s a limitation or an opportunity — and it seems some are taking that question more seriously than others.

Definitely an opportunity!!

Watch the video of the article for 2 differences on the new Android.

Double Fine Adventure shatters Kickstarter record with $750,000 raised in first 24 hours | VentureBeat

In its first 24 hours, a project from gaming studio Double Fine Adventure’s Kickstarter project has raised more than $750,000 on Kickstarter and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Amazing and true! They got their goal ($400.000) in less than nine hours!!! Of course they have a lot of great past successes and credibility that helped them..