interactive ui in minority report – YouTube

I’d like to comment the top 2 YouTube comments.

“Kinect? Is that you?”

It could be though Tom (Cruise) uses gloves and probably we will not have to use in the future.

“@DThaeman Security, bro. That large screen is probably not connected to the Internet, or even a LAN. It’s the only 100% foolproof way to keep hackers out. The smaller screen could be used to access databases online, and then data is transferred physically to the large screen, which stores the case data on a hard drive.”

This is the very interesting part. This is an answer to a guy asking why they needed to transfer data with these disks-screens. In an advanced world like this was supposed to be, transferring data this way seems “old” and really not “cool”. I understand the security reasons but that makes me wonder about the “cloud” world we are currently moving to. How safe can it be?