Over-the-top phone services: Joyn them or join them | The Economist

Joyn is so far available only in Spain, although it is due to be launched in Germany in October and South Korean operators and others are expected to start RCS-e services soon. It will spread gradually, as people replace their phones with joyned-up devices, which should be on sale before long. All the leading handset-makers have agreed to embed joyn—with a big exception: Apple, which happens to be an OTT provider too.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking.

I think it’s too late for Joyn. We are in a point that we want to communicate through every device we are currently using (phone, tablet, pc, TV or else (?)). Apple would be a fool to agree to Joyn’s plan since it’s the pioneer who got us in this point. (Thank you!)

Soon we will only need a data plan and that’s an option that the mobile operators have to start to explore.