Everythings Amazing & Nobodys Happy – Louis CK

Reading the best strategy for reducing stress from HBR, reminded me of this old but amazing video of Louis CK.

Louis CK is a very good comedian and he is making a very good point. We have stoped appreciating things in our lifes and we take everything for granted. We expect too many things from our daily lifes and when we experiencing “the gap between what he(we) expected to happen and what was actually happening”, as the HBR article says, we feel frustated, angry, disappointed, sad or some other negative emotion. Or when something changes the things that worked in the past or our routines.

So the articles suggests to “Either change the reality around you or change your expectations.” Very good solution!!! Find a way to make it the way you want it or change the way you see things or both! But that’s something you need to think about it when you are trapped in that emotionally state! Not very easy..

So I would recommend a much more pro-active step than that: Appreciate the things you accept for granted. Right now and every day you wake up in the morning there are thousands things you could feel grateful about. About the birds, about the sun, about the rain, about the fogs, about that you are still alive! Does it look fake to you or artificial? Well maybe, or maybe you are used to have them! If a guy from the 50’s gets in a time machine and gets to our present wouldn’t be excited from all the things that didn’t exist back then? So why not accept his attitude right now?